How Our Factoring Services Work


Smooth out cash flow shortages by giving cash advances against their invoices (accounts receivable).

There are a variety of factoring benefits. First, many companies that are not eligible for traditional lending easily qualify. Factoring lines are based on your customer’s credit and payment history, not your business’.

Second, having cash available helps companies meet payroll, purchase supplies and materials, settle payables, and grow. Eliminate the stress and worry over payroll, and be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Finally, leading Georgia factoring companies like CyberFactor offer value-added services to aid and assist clients. These services include experienced relationship managers, invoice review and billing support, AR management, 24-hour online reporting, and much more. As a result, these services strengthen your business and free up your time to serve your customers and grow your business.

The CyberFactor Program

CyberFactor will get a general feel for your customer base by checking the credit of your customers. We will quickly establish a credit line for you and your customers.

Once your invoices are completed, you send them to us according to the procedures set up during our face to face meeting.

CyberFactor will verify the invoice(s) according to agreed upon procedures that we have worked out with you, to fit your business practices.

CyberFactor sends your invoices to your customers and immediately loads them into our system, making them readily accessible for an advance at the moment you need the cash influx.

The payments are mailed to our lockbox where we subtract out the cost and the remaining portion is paid to you through a rebate account.

At no additional cost, CyberFactor will collect and manage your accounts receivable, ultimately saving you time and money.

To learn more about how CyberFactor can help eliminate your cash flow gaps: please let us know a little bit about your company by clicking the link to our contact page, or call us today.